The best setting for this course is an intimate setting with comfortable seating for 12 people. You want the location to be easily gotten-to by all participants, but it also needs to provide privacy & the ability to have comfortable group conversation. A large living room is ideal; a conference room with comfortable chairs is suitable; a coffee shop is not a good choice.


You will need a method for showing the TED talks during the sessions. This can be a computer attached to a large monitor, an internet-enabled projection system, or even a smart-tv. As with any technology, please do a test run well in advance of the first session so that you have time to fix any glitches. Please make sure that you can position the video system where everyone can see the monitor and hear the sound without straining, and that you can quickly reorganize, as necessary, into a circle for conversation.


One of the first tasks of the group will be to come up with a covenant of ‘rules’ for how the group will interact and what degree of confidentiality is requested. If you have a whiteboard or a large format pad of paper and easel available, it is perfect for this purpose. The leader can write the rules on the whiteboard/pad so that everyone can read and agree to them explicitly. The covenant can then be left up or returned to the room for the remaining sessions as a visual reminder throughout the course.