I’m here because I stumbled upon the web site and/or I am just generally interested in raising HECK.


We can use more people with the common goal of elevating Humility, Empathy, Compassion and Kindness. Feel free to look around and see if On the Path to HECK is the type of community-building, self-improvement program that suits you. Everything is here — from the Participant Workbook to the Facilitator Guidebook.

Read our blog, follow us on Facebook, and register for our newsletter.  There’s no secret sauce to the course; except people coming together to work toward a common goal of bringing more goodness into the world.

I’m here because someone invited me to participate in the course they are facilitating.


Hopefully, this web site will give you enough information to decide if the course is right for you. Make sure to glance through the Participant materials — you’ll be coming back here to review those for your homework each week.

If you still have additional questions or concerns please reach out to the person who invited you or email us at info@onthepathtoheck.org. We’ll be happy to answer anything we can. Most importantly, tell the person recruiting you that you are all in, and ready for the adventure!

I’m here because I’m interested in facilitating the course for my friends and neighbors.


Please review the materials under the Facilitators menu. (Or you can download all the Facilitator materials in one PDF here.) We’ve tried to create a complete set of guidelines for facilitating the course in the most positive manner.

Need some help getting your course offering started? Email us at info@onthepathtoheck.org. We’re happy to assist you in any way we can.