An intentional decision was made to make the course non-religious so that it may be accessible by the greatest number of people. However, we recognize the central role that religion and spirituality plays for many people in their journey along this path, and that the virtues that this course promotes are the same virtues promoted by the vast majority of religions and religious organizations.

Feel free to add in religious symbols and traditions as appropriate for the entirety of your group. For instance, including a prayer at the opening and closing of a session may be appropriate. If you do introduce religious customs and beliefs into the course, please be certain that those beliefs and customs are commonly held by all participants. Do not assume that all members of your group share the same core beliefs. The virtues of Humility, Empathy, Compassion and Kindness are universal. Any inclusion of religious customs and beliefs should be used to enhance the course experience; the course should not be used to promote a particular religious belief system.

Please consider using this course as a way to bring together your religious community with the greater community. We are hopeful that many religious organizations will use this course display and spread the core tenants of their faith, without a need or desire to evangelize or promote their own religious traditions, scripture, or institution.