• What, from previous sessions, has come back around to speak to you?
  • Which of the homework exercises have had an unexpected impact on your outlook?
  • Where is this path leading you?

Video Presentation


Questions for Discernment

  • How do you personally define ‘vulnerability’? What makes you feel vulnerable?
  • What are some things that make you feel unworthy of love and respect?
  • How does society treat people who make themselves vulnerable? How do you treat people that are open and vulnerable with you?
  • Have you ever had a situation where you were vulnerable with another and instead of shame, that person made you feel loved?

Homework Exercises

  • Recall a recent circumstance when a friend or co-worker was vulnerable with you. Go back to that person and express sincere gratitude that they trusted you enough to be open to you.
  • Stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and look at yourself. What is the worst of what you see? Why does that matter so much to you? What is the best of what you see? Why doesn’t that matter more to you?
  • Pick three things that you feel shame around right now; a small thing, medium thing, and big thing. Tell an acquaintance that you have something to share with them and that you hope they will not judge you poorly because of it. Tell them the small thing. Share the medium thing with a close friend with the same preface. Share the big thing with your closest confidant.

Side Trails